Self Defense kept simple yet effective

Self Defense kept simple yet effective.  Pepper spray training included. Learn to improvise, adapt and over come human aggression! 

About Us


Qualified Instructors


Brandon and Jason Lingle are both Iraq Combat Veterans and Police Officers. Combined, they have over 30 years in protective services. They have a background in MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and have hundreds of hours in related training. 


Training for a modern world

We use simple yet effective training tools to help prepare you for human aggression in the modern world. 

Our easy to understand training does not require weeks, months or even years to be prepared for a violent encounter. 

Have fun while learning skills that will last a life time. 


Our Philosophy


When violence becomes the only answer. You need to arrive first, arrive aggressively, and be sure to be the last one standing. We do this by:

1. Understanding violence

2. Understanding Situational awareness

3. Learning simple and easy to remember self-defense techniques

Pyramid of Personal Safety



We believe any good structure has a good foundation. Your house and or your personal safety are only as good as your base. The base for personal protection is understanding violence. You can have a black belt in every discipline, be a world record shooter with a gun on your hip, however if you do not understand violence then you, my friend, are not prepared. 

Situational Awareness


After your foundation  you need some sturdy floors and walls. This Is your situational awareness.   

Situational awareness is your ability to see trouble coming, or looking ahead and trying to prevent it altogether. 

We cover building daily habits of situational awareness that will make you a hard target.  

Countermeasures (Self Defense Techniques)

Finally what to do if violence does come your way.  We use easy to understand and to remember techniques that will help you over come violence.  

This is also the best part of class.

We cover:

Choke defense

Ground fighting 


Everyday weapons 

Improvised self defense

Pepper spray training that includes a take home kit


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